Are you looking for a super practical and smart gift to give to a new mom? Whether you’re wanting to give something beyond a traditional registry list, or maybe you want to add a personal gift of your own, here are some really functional and appreciated gift ideas to extend!

New moms fill their registry with baby items but often forget to include items for themselves, or are sometimes uncomfortable asking for items to aid in their own self-care. Whether it’s breastfeeding help or help around the house, this list focuses on supporting new mothers.

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#1: Educational Tools

There are A LOT of new mom books out there. I haven’t read all of them, but out of the books I’ve read, here is my favorite one:

For the newborn phase:

The Happiest Baby on the Block

This book is highly recommended for all new parents. I reference this book as well in my tips to surviving the fourth trimester. It offers a range of explanations and suggestions on newborn behavior based on science and evolutionary instincts. My recommendation for all new moms is to start reading this book before the baby is born. It makes for a really nice educational tool and a helpful and practical gift for any new mom.

For later in the motherhood journey:

Oh Crap! Potty Training…

This book is one of the best books regarding potty training toddlers. Of course, the book is for later and well after the newborn phase. I included it here because we tend to hyper focus on the newborn phase concerning gifts for new moms, and then once baby is older than six months or a year, a whole new phase starts that most moms are unprepared for supply-wise. So, yes, it’s for later (like after 18 months), but a nice gesture to let a new mom know you’re thinking of her for future days.

#2: Breastfeeding Supplies

New moms may feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable with asking for breastfeeding items. While I always recommend putting mom stuff on registries, sometimes it’s nice to put together a breastfeeding care package for a new mom just to show her you’re cheering for her! The first couple of months are crucial to establishing breastfeeding, but they are often the hardest and most painful. Here are some breastfeeding supplies to include in a care package:

Nipple Cream

Breast Soothers

Nursing Pads

Haakaa Collection Cup

Breastfeeding Cover

These supplies will set a new mom up for success in the long term commitment of breastfeeding.

#3: A cleaning service for before or after the baby is born. 

This may be one of the most practical and surprisingly overlooked gestures ever! While some new moms may not be excited with the idea of having someone come into their home to clean, the majority of moms will agree this is so unbelievably helpful, even before the baby is born.

Before the baby comes, new moms may be nesting and trying to deep clean their home. Personally, I was building an IKEA closet and would have really appreciated an extra hand to help me clean EVERYTHING else around the house. A deep cleaning would include dusting ceiling fans, baseboards, windows, etc. All the spots that a pregnant mom doesn’t need to be cleaning, but may really want clean. And after baby is born? How nice would it be to give a good cleaning and allow that new mom a head start on the week’s activities?

Cleaning services are not only customizable regarding cleaning chemicals (natural or self supplied), but can be scheduled by mom at the most convenient time.

Amazon Cleaning Services

#4: A meal service or grocery delivery after baby is born

Another task that becomes incredibly difficult with a newborn: cooking healthy and nutritious meals. While freezer meals are certainly warranted during this time, a meal service or grocery delivery service is handy and useful. Most meal services like Sun Basket, Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, or Home Chef (just to name a few) offer many different dietary options.

If you don’t know the exact dietary restrictions needed, a meal service (gift card to a meal service) can be a great option. You can also consider a gift card to Uber Eats or GrubHub to get some restaurant favorites delivered for free (food would still need to be paid for), or gift a month of free grocery deliveries.

Amazon Grocery Delivery Service

The thought of taking a newborn out to the grocery store is terrifying to some, especially in the first couple of weeks after birth. Having groceries delivered would be a serious and smart gift.

#5: Instant Pot

Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Maker and Warmer

Something that will probably not show up on a baby registry, but could be incredibly helpful – instant pots are like the new crockpot but offer even more incredible benefits. It’s like a 7 in 1 tool, but for the kitchen. For the new mom that still wants to cook, but needs a little more help and time, this is a great option that keeps on giving!

#6: A really nice pump/baby bag

Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast Pump Bag

I often see baby and diaper bags on registries. This isn’t anything new, but a really nice bag that’s not only stylish but is also durable and really works can help tremendously with either returning to work and pumping, or just packing newborn essentials. I’m still using this bag two years later and can vouch it’s a quality bag that has lived up to my expectations and needs.

#7: Amazon Gift Card

Ok, I know-so impersonal. Hear me out. A gift card, especially to Amazon, can help with more than just ‘things’ or ‘baby items.’ Amazon provides pretty much everything, including meal delivery and cleaning services (referenced above). A simple gift card is a grand gesture to say hey, I know you’re going to be overwhelmed and blindsided by the life changing event that’s about to occur (or already has). Here’s some help for all the last minute things that you won’t realize you need until baby comes. A gift card is helpful and practical!

Hopefully this list has helped you narrow down a smart and useful gift for a new mom. If you have received a really memorable gift as a mom, comment below! I’m always interested in the more applicable gifts that are truly functional for new moms.